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Redhead Floozy In Pantyhose

Nylon Butterfly

I love redheads, I especially love redheads in pantyhose. Check out this fuck starved redhead in nude colored pantyhose. She loves to use her pantyhose to get her lovers off. Today, her latest boyfriend is going to experience her pantyhose pleasures.

When she came home from work tonight, her boyfriend asked her leave her pantyhose on. She knew right away that it was going to be a very interesting night. She climbed on top of him and started grinding her pantyhose covered pussy against him. He was hard before he was even out of his pants. She began with her knees, massaging the nylon fabric against his fuck tool. Soon, he was fucking her pantyhose covered legs. But what really got him off was when he started grinding her twat, just a small fabric separated him being inside of her.

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